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First Floor


Room           Grade or Age                Sunday                     Wednesday


 101                       4-5 Year Olds                D. Kindle, T. Webb             B. Webb, S. Richardson                     


105                                                               Teacher Workroom                                         


106                                                               LIBRARY


107                       Young Ladies/ Life          L. Bradford/D. Apena                            

108                                                               CONFERENCE ROOM


Second Floor


Room         Grade or Age             Sunday                         Wednesday


201                      1st -2nd                        D. Bradford, D. Phillips            T. Jackson, J. Robinson


202                      7th – 9th Boys              K. Bradford, J. Thompson                                          
                             9th Boys and Girls                                                       J. Thompson, S. Richardson     


204                       10th – 12                       A. Hobbs


205                       5th – 6th                        L. Perry, J. Perry, II              Batista Butler


206                        3rd – 4th                     F. Foster, D. Apena                 B. Jackson, S. Hunt    


208                       Young Men Class        G. Allmon             


209                       7th – 9th  Girls              D. Obera, T. Hobbs




Church Sanctuary Building


 Auditorium        Adults Bible class            J. Perry, Sr.                        B. Foster, Sr and R. Foster, Sr.



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