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Early Preschool


Ages 2-3 Years


These children are full of curiosity and energy! Running, jumping, climbing, riding toys, throwing and kicking balls are evidences that large muscle development and coordination skills are progressing, Art paper tearing, drawing, lacing, coloring, modeling clay activities, blocks and puzzles, emptying and filling containers are activities these children love to do as their small muscle coordination skills develop.

A lively imagination makes children this age a delight to be with as they develop reading readiness skills, increase their vocabulary, and expand their creativity and logical thinking.

Children are developing reasoning and problem solving skills and begin working out problems mentally rather than by trial and error. They need opportunities and encouragement to do things for themselves and to work out problems independently. Teachers of this age group remember to bend, kneel, or sit down in order to establish eye contact when talking to the children. Speaking clearly with simple, positive statements, and allowing them to process the language and respond promotes their understanding of rules or consequences of behavior. Opportunities for creative expressing, sharing, and taking turns promote good cognitive/language and social/emotional growth.



Ages 3-4 Years


Children this age are delightful. They want to please adults, enjoy new experiences, and although they are sometimes bossy they are generally cooperative. They are beginning to learn to take turns and share but may occasionally have difficulty in this area. Eye/hand coordination and small and large motor skills are developing well and promoting a good sense of confidence in abilities. A colorful, stimulating environment with a variety of different levels of skill equipment - puzzles, building blocks, blocks, snap together toys - are provided. Drawing materials, painting materials, crayons, play dough, scissors, glue, and other collage materials are available for creative expression. Books, puzzles, music, writing utensils and paper, stamps and stamp pads, magazines, and chalk boards stored in every room.





Ages 4-5 years old



This is an important time in a child's life to prepare for school and to develop a love of learning. Our prekindergarten curriculum promotes independence while preparing your child for the next exciting phase—kindergarten! We make the transition smoother by helping children become more familiar with an organized environment. Plus we focus more on group play to develop social skills, such as listening, sharing and cooperation. Our teachers have a passion for what they do and consider it a privilege to partner with you during this special time in your child's life.

· The program prepares your child for kindergarten.

· Whole-group activities develop social skills, such as sharing, listening and cooperation.

· Your child will continue learning with vocabulary, letters and words.

· Your child will further develop independent learning skills with our hands-on experiences.

· Thematic units encourage curiosity, self-direction and confidence.




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