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Eastside Child Development Center

“Children First”

About Us

Eastside Child Development Center provides educational

child care for early preschoolers, preschoolers, and prekindergarten

aged children in a quality day care environment.


Recently established, Eastside Child Development Center is not only a quality childcare provider service, but also a pre-school program that will enhance the educational development of your child. We strive to provide programs where each child's individuality is recognized and supported by loving and caring teachers. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where children are safe, well nourished, educated, and engaged, where learning occurs in a loving environment. 

Our Mission
The Mission of
Eastside Child Development Center is to provide a quality child care program in a learning and loving environment. We all share the goal of making sure that your child knows that he or she is someone special, and needs to be educated and prepared for the challenges in life. Our goal is to expose the child to various experiences that will develop him or her socially, emotionally and educationally. We expect every employee to be an ambassador of company principles -- demonstrating love, integrity, generosity, self-discipline and hard work -- simply treating others as we would want to be treated. 
















What makes Eastside so Special?

· We provide a warm, nurturing center where each child's individuality is championed. This care includes opportunities for physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.             

· We provide a challenging and individualized curriculum that encourages the child's creativity and love of learning. Our developmental program includes language and literacy, math and science, music and art.                                  

· We provide a wide variety of experiences, which include field trips, computers, foreign language and special programs such as puppeteers, musicians and theater groups.                                  

· We include our families and the community in the educational process.                                  

· We establish a safe and supportive learning environment, which accepts and respects diversity.                                  

· We promote character building, problem solving skills, manners and social etiquette. 

We foster the child's feeling of self-esteem and self-worth. 


We believe that every child is a precious, God-given being with basic needs - social, physical, emotional and intellectual.  We will work to instill proper manners and values, honesty and sharing, respect and self worth in your child.  It is our purpose to meet those needs when your child is in our care, by providing a safe and loving environment here at our school.


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